Tips: How to Score More Than 90% Marks in Board Exam

Welcome Students to Examhunt. So today in this blog I would like to share some tips on how to get good marks in Board Exams. Recently I cleared my WBHS examination with 94.4%. But in my Madhyamik or Class 10 I got 84%. So I will share the pro tips on how to get your desire marks in board exams.

We all know that Exam is the most horrible time for maximum numbers of students including me. So board Exams aren't the exception from this. Every Year a huge number of students prepared for different state and UT board exams. But only a few number of students get more than 90%. After alsomt 6 months your board exam is comming soon. So you have to prepared well to get good marks in exam.

Every student desire to get a good percentage in 10th and 12th board exam, but due to lack of some strategy, they can not do well. On this post I will explain the super strategy to get good marks in my Board Examination.

1. Know Your Syllabus & Chapter Weightage:

I think it is the most important part of this tips. If ypu want to score more than 90% on your board exam , then carefully read your complete syllabus and then start reading your textbooks which is provided by your state or central boards. You should also aware abour the marks division. Which ahapters are more important and which questions are repeating on the year basis. So be careful to know your syllabus and marks distribution.

2.Practice Previous Year Question Papers 

Previous year question papers of board also plays a major role in getting more than 90% marks on exam. So you can say PYQ are a key factor. By practicing PYQ you are aware of question repeat sequence, most important questions, and you will get a better idea about the marks distribution.

3. Make Fixed Schedule For Study

It may be difficult to make a fixed schedule for study. But again I would like to say that if you wanna get good marks in board exams then you must make a fixed time table. As I took hostel in class 12, so it was easy to adopt the fixed schedule for study.

4. Practice Question Papers and Writing Habits

There is no other substituition of practicing question and writing. Somaximise your practicing time. Make a habit of writing daily.

5. Health Is important

Yeah Friends! Health is also important. Suppose you worked hard but before one or two weeks of the exam you fall in sick. I hope you understant what situation it would be. Actually it happened with my friends. So be conscious about your health.

Conclusion: These are the tips that I experienced through my board exam journey. Hope it will help you to get good marks in board exams.

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